Sunday, July 22, 2012

Who Am I, And Why Do You Care?

Ok, so another fitness/diet blog has appeared in the blogosphere. With approximately a ton of bloggers out there claiming to have the secrets for losing 10 pounds in week, eliminating cellulite forever, eating just chocolate to lose weight, why would my blog, which is aimed toward a more reasonable (and maybe less newsworthy), fitness and diet lifestyle be of any use?

Well, here's the skinny. Over the last year or so, I started to really care about my appearance and my health. Of course, I had always cared - any girl who claims to look in the mirror and not notice those annoying imperfections is either lying, or Miranda Kerr. One morning though, I realized that I was spending more energy stressing about how I felt and looked than it would take me to actually do something about it. So I did! Here I am, 40 pounds lighter, and a million times healthier and happier.

The most important thing I learned is that losing weight is your own experience; there is no diet or exercise program that will work for everyone. Find what works for you. Find what makes you feel good about yourself and see the results you are happy with. I can't tell you how many diets I started (and quickly "forgot" about) that were supposedly the answer to all my prayers and instead left me feeling hungry, angry, and with no social life since I was terrified there might be temptation at the next party. So this is about moderation, making healthy choices, and being happy!

I am not a fitness expert. I am not a natural foods chef. I am not a scientist. I AM a girl who pays close attention to what those experts have to say though, and I AM someone who is willing to do the research.

Let me do the taste tests for you. Can buckwheat muffins really taste as good as one from Starbucks? Let's find out! Is interval cardio training worth the hassle? Let me do the legwork for you. I love feeling healthy, sexy, and proud of myself, and I want to share this feeling of satisfaction with you. It's so cliche, I know, but it all begins with one step.

Are you ready? Let's go!

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